I went back to college in my thirties to study craft and have been working in arts education as technician ever since. I was very happy helping others, but lately I decided I needed to take a different direction and took a further course of study which has given me new confidence. After a lot of hard work I was awarded a first class honours degree in Contemporary Craft from York St John in July 2017.

I won first prize in the 'Ones to Watch' exhibition at Sunny Bank Mills in April this year, and was a winner of a place in the RAW Talent Scheme, which gave me the opportunity to exhibit at the Art& show in October.

Based in a garden studio on the outskirts of York, I specialise in hand-building techniques to make vessel and cloud forms and develop the clay surface to hint at open spaces, skies, seas, stars and planets. I'm very moved by the decline in natural habitats and species and believe that we must do more to celebrate and protect our wildlife.

I'm also fascinated by colour and the way it can affect us and how we perceive it, so my work also uses contrasting colours which, when brought together, can enhance each other and cause them to vibrate. In this way I hope to bring life and vitality to my work.